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2019-08-21 Autorius: Lol
Paid 360 for Commandore room and in the end it was nothing better than the normal ones with windows. Even size of the window was the same small and two separate beds not double bed and really noting resembled the photo they provided during booking. Horrible company acting act like serious, clean and upto point, being actually a roten boat with squeaky everything, all the slots were dirty and scratched which made bathroom and bedroom look as if from horror movie feee. The sos audio instruction which is actually more of an must to leasten advertisement in 4 languages automatic making your 1 hour of life ring from horrible speakers being all shhh and really not adjusted sound. Paying so much I FI knew in advance that I would hear everything and everyone including ship engine all the way I would prefer to drive by car all that time but not ever to stao on that bloody roten dysentery "ship". All the metal parts of the batrhokm were hitting each other all night long with your only hope to it finally falling out of it or to rip it off yourself because of them being roten and poory manages making you pay for that horror 170!! Hostel of the worst worst manner, AVOID
2018-11-06 Autorius: GRAZVYDAS
Kompanija verta 10/10
2018-09-08 Autorius: lina

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